Help Center
1.Refund policy
2.Your prices double rose on my server, what's up?
3.What is your storage situation?
4.Will using your services ban my account?
5.How secure is your service? Is it safe if I release my account name and password to you?
6.Are there discounts for large orders?
7.How can I get a coupon for my order?
8.Should I contact you for trade once I make the order successfully?
9.Why should I wait in the game for such a long time but no one contacts me?
10.How long does delivery take?
11.I have been waiting in game for a really long time. How do I confirm my order?
12.Is it safe to buy gold? Is your gold legal?
13.Your Live Chat is on but you are not responding. What's wrong?
14.What is 5 Hour Delivery Program in WOW gold shopping?
15.5 Hour Delivery Program Disclaimer:
16.Why I didn't get compensation for a delay?
17.What is pending e-check, How do I avoid sending an e-check?
18.Why I can not pay successfully with my Credit Card?